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Copper Kitchenware

Pros and Cons Of Copper Pots and Pans

The Copper Saucepan - To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Copper Pots and PansImaine this. The brand new copper saucepan brightly shining on your pot rack on a beautiful summer morning. There is no denying the visual appeal copper pots and pans can add to a kitchen. Not to mention the sense of control it can give you when you're busy at work. But is that stunning copper saucepan right for you and your kitchen? In this brief and to the point article we debate the real pros and cons of owning copper pots and pans.

Pros of Copper Pots and Pans

Cookware made from copper is the primary choice of many professional chefs. Why? Because they feel more in control. Hot spots are rare in copper pots and pans. That means precession, with copper pans that respond almost immediately to changes in temperaure. If top chefs are using the copper's got to be good!

A well made copper pot or saucepan has the prefect weight. Light enough to lift with one hand but heavy enough to not go flying across the kitchen when things get a little hot in the kitchen.

And lets not forget the ego boost you get when you walk into your kitchen full of gleaming copper pots and pans. The quality and richness copper cookware gives off can leave you feeling like your living in an interior decorators imagination.

Cons of the Copper Saucepan

Copper pots and pans can react badly with certain types of food and can cause discolouration and effect the taste of a dish. This is why you see that most copper pans are lined with either tin or steel. If you have a copper saucepan lined with tin you will find these invariably wear out easily, and so the lining will have to be renewed every couple of years by a tinker if you can find one of those. This has to play a factor when you are determining which type of copper pot to go for. A stainless steel lined copper saucepan will cost you more than a tin lined one but your paying for that extra longevity.

Copper saucepan setCopper pots and pans will have to be cleaned and polished often to prevent damage through corrosion. Do not be tempted to put your copper saucepan into the dishwasher either so get the teatowel out, your copper pots and pans will need to be handwashed and thoroughly dried. Another point to note is to avoid putting your hot copper saucepans straight into cold water or you may suffer the effects of warping.

You may find yourself keeping up with the Jones', copper is amongst the most expensive types of cookware putting it out of the range of many home kitchens.

So thats it. The Pros and Cons of copper pots and pans. Let hope thats helped you in making a decision to buy. We're biased of course. We love the faithful copper saucepan and we find that copper cookware makes the perfect gift whether its for yourself, the spose, Mum and Dad, or setting someone up for life on their wedding day.



Copper Cookware Sets

Perfect Gifts for Weddings and House Warmings

Cotswold Company
5 Piece Copper Pan Set

Cotswold 5 peiece Copper pan set

This beautiful 5-piece set comprises: 14cm milk pan, 16cm saucepan with lid, 18cm saucepan with lid, 20cm saucepan with lid and 26cm frying pan.
A steal at only £199!

6 Piece Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Pan Set

6 piece Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Pan Set
6 Piece set consisting of: 26cm fry pan, 14 & 16cm saucepan & lids, 24cm saute pan & lid, 20 cm splayed saute & 0.18L tub of copper cleaner.
This set is truly something of special quality for cherished love ones...or yourself of course!

Mauviel Copper Tool Set

Mauviel Copper Tool Set
This high quality 5 piece copper tool set comes with its own rack and is the perfect partner for your copper pots and pans. These tools will breath class into your kitchen.

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