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Copper Cookware SetSo Why Is Copper Cookware The Best?

Solid copper cookware is a real chef's first choice when it comes to preparing the type of dish that needs precision heat control. We're talking about when you're preparing the likes of sauces, risottos and home-made custard. Copper cooking utensils' reponsiveness to rapid changes in the heat allows you the control to go from a heavy boil to gentle simmer within seconds. Some would say that maintence is too big an issue although keeping your copper cookware set in fine looking shape is really rather simple. Personally, we don't mind the dull patina of well-used copper kitchenware - its the sign of a real chef!

Maintaining your copper cookware set today is actually quite simple. With contemporary copper pastes, polishes and cleaners it's a piece of cake to restore you pots and pans to their original, fresh out of the factory appearance. Let's face it though, copper always look good. The benefits of using solid copper cookware are endless which is why copper pans are often considered a cook’s prized possession.

Cookware made from other materials doesn’t even compare to copper. After all, copper cookware is the best. Prove it you ask? Tell you what, we'll set you a challenge. Cook the same dish in an assortment of pans and if you find that the copper pan didn't out perform everything else we'll eat our hats. We have no doubt that you will cook your dish more evenly and with better control. What do you get out of this challenge? The opportunity for you to savor all the splendid flavors solid copper cookware can offer.


Copper Cookware Sets

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Cotswold Company
5 Piece Copper Pan Set

Cotswold 5 peiece Copper pan set

This beautiful 5-piece set comprises: 14cm milk pan, 16cm saucepan with lid, 18cm saucepan with lid, 20cm saucepan with lid and 26cm frying pan.
A steal at only £199!

6 Piece Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Pan Set

6 piece Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Pan Set
6 Piece set consisting of: 26cm fry pan, 14 & 16cm saucepan & lids, 24cm saute pan & lid, 20 cm splayed saute & 0.18L tub of copper cleaner.
This set is truly something of special quality for cherished love ones...or yourself of course!

Mauviel Copper Tool Set

Mauviel Copper Tool Set
This high quality 5 piece copper tool set comes with its own rack and is the perfect partner for your copper pots and pans. These tools will breath class into your kitchen.

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